About us

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Galería de arte Vianey is a multidisciplinary space where contemporary art and culture merge through pictorial and sculptural exhibitions by various artists whose vision is to activate reflections on different themes.

We have the option of bringing together diverse audiences with common interests, generating valuable experiences, dynamics and coexistence with the artists, we are convinced that the link between artist, work and consumer is the perfect trilogy to converge in interesting value propositions in art. Collecting is a fundamental part of the Gallery because it is through it that cultural and patrimonial investments are made.

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Sale of works of art
The gallery provides personalised advice for the acquisition of works of art for residential, hotel, restaurant, office and corporate decoration.

Exhibitions and events
The gallery has an exhibition room to present collections, exclusive works and works with artistic interventions. It also has a terrace for cocktail parties and small private events that favour dialogue and the appreciation of art in a warm and atmospheric setting.
The gallery has a controlled entrance and a security system that allows visitors to have peace of mind during their stay. Our aim is that the experience in the gallery is unique; to this effect, each of the spaces in the Gallery were designed for the delight and contemplation of art.

Packing and framing
We have highly qualified personnel who provide advice from the packing - so that the acquired pieces arrive in optimum conditions - to the assembly if necessary. We also frame with museum quality materials...

We value and promote collecting through strategies to maintain medium and long term relationships with clients, as knowing each other allows us to communicate better in order to develop projects where there is targeted investment.


Keep up to date on exhibitions, news and events of the Gallery's artists.

Artists and collaborators

Nuestros colaboradores son artistas, gestores culturales, arquitectos y diseñadores quienes concretan proyectos pictóricos, escultóricos y piezógrafos.

Sale of Works of Art

Each work will be backed up with certificates of authenticity and with a profitable proposal for medium and/or long term investment.